One of the problems that musicians suddenly faced is how to sell their music. Making album records is the main way that musicians have used before so they could make a profit from their efforts and to share their talent. With the emergence of the music streaming and many websites have appeared to sell songs, it became a challenge. An album is sold with its content of a number of songs. But on the websites, they could be purchased per song. The sales of album records have decreased then how could you sell your music?

Music streaming is now one of the reasons album sales have declined. As you can just get a subscription to a website with the same amount of buying one album, you will surely choose the first choice. But as the music industry is going to that state, the artists themselves can be able to use the internet to make money. It is also better as they can control their works and income without the involvement of agents. The main problem when an artist is starting is to get the attention of listeners.

If you have loyal fans, you can surely have support from them. Now the attitude and mindset of fans have been favorable to artists. Fans are willing to pay if they can support the artists. They can make an investment when they know that the benefit will go directly to the artists and not through middlemen. The only requirement that fans like when they will buy albums are to have an access to exclusive content only present in the albums.